Struggle“May lack and struggle only serve to make you stronger; and may beauty, order, and abundance be your constant companions.”

Life has its’ twists and turns, highs and lows and moments of calm. All of our experiences are temporary and from moment to moment, history is being made and can not be undone. These moments, when Life feels as if it too much to endure or bear, are the exact moment to take a deep breath and rise to the occasion. This response is not to be used as an opportunity to attack or retaliate against some sense of wrong doing, but a moment to become that better person. A question we might ask ourselves in this moment of struggle is, “How can I use this situation to encourage a healing response and transform this energy being experienced?”

Look within, as this is the beginning point for history being made. How do I stay true to my fundamental values and respond accordingly? This is a personal and unique opportunity for each one of us. Beauty, order and abundance starts within. We can not give away anything we do not give ourselves. Seize this moment and be the manifestation your heart desires and in alignment with your True Nature. Strength is building more compassion, kindness and empathy. Within this framework of our minds and our hearts, we discover the beauty and abundance that surrounds us and respond accordingly. Everything is going to be okay! Trust and Faith are the prerequisites.

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