Coming Generations

Coming Generations

GenerationsA few thoughts…
For some of us the journey has been a long, long steep climb up that formidable Mountain which whispers in our Soul, Seekers of Truth…Warriors of Peace, or maybe that which is undefinable…I call it a yearning to fill that void that exists within each one of us. As the fog has begun to clear on my journey up this lonely yet majestic mountain, I can look back and see what I have accomplished, I can look forward and see the climb ahead, and then there is this very moment… the moss on the rock, a cricket, the cracks on my calloused feet, the ones who have come and gone….Life is such a perfect reflection for each of us regardless of age.
I ponder my life, conscious choices and otherwise, those coming from the dark recesses of my soul, the good, bad and the ugly, embracing the broken man that I am and the struggle that comes with embracing self love, all of it…..Gently, with much forgiveness, I sense the inner growth, yet to arrive and committed…the loyal Wolf that I am…
I was given a Greek Proverb this week from a client…it hit my Heart:
“A society grows great
when old men
plant a grove of trees
whose shade they know
they shall never sit in”

I am going to go plant that grove of trees!

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