Doing“If we keep doing what we are doing, we are going to keep getting what we are getting.”

To change has always been a challenging thing for me. When I was younger, if someone wanted to change me, I put up the iron shield and said, “Don’t try to change me, this is who I am.” Now, my defense mechanisms within me have “changed”. I have learned to appreciate someone else’s viewpoint and can take it into consideration. Hmmm… Maybe this is something I need to look at and there might be some value in it for me and my relationships.

Change is not always easy. Our attempts to create a new reality can feel monumental, maybe impossible. Pause, take a deep breath, sit in this moment of life. For myself, I take baby steps in that direction of change, as if to shift the direction of the wind that is blowing. When we desire different results, we must be open to change, as if we are saying “Yes to Life”, and what it is giving to us. If you want to fight Life, it will fight back. If you welcome Life, it will respond accordingly. Repeating old patterns that have led you to that dead end street, will give you the same results. Seeking a different outcome means changing the way you are approaching life. This includes body, mind, heart and spirit. And yes, there are no guarantees from this warranty. There is no book on how to live you Life, but we need to be attentive each day how the flow of Life is streaming through us and we have to ask ourselves, “Is this the Life I want to live?” If not, make adjustments, my friends. Welcome the change of weather patterns and those within yourself. Take baby steps, it doesn’t have to be an earthquake!

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