About us

About us

Welcome.  Living Traditional is committed to preserving, maintaining and furthering the knowledge on how to live within Nature’s Laws passed down to us through our ancestors. We are dedicated to the healing arts and its many forms in support of the building of sustainable communities. With an open mind and open heart, the creative and intuitive forces come forth and give us the knowledge of the past, the wisdom of how to live now and the vision of how to support the prosperity of the future generations.

Whatever continent your ancestral roots belong to, we discover similarities. In the healing realm, we see that all indigenous cultures held the value that the paradigm of the body, mind, heart, and spirit were intimately related. And who are the indigenous people? If you were born here on this Earth, you are an indigenous human being, with ancient roots and belong here. But it is important to claim that right, and live it out to its fullest. You do belong and we need your gift for the betterment of our families and communities. We need your gift and purpose in life.

We understand that wholeness means; body, mind, heart and spirit. They are not separable and must be intimately addressed in regards to our individual and unique healing powers. We must discover where the imbalances exist and address them in a mindful manner. To heal is not to alleviate or annihilate the symptoms, but to bring balance and harmony back to the self. As we bring balance back to the self, these four intimate elements of ourselves reorganize and facilitate a healing response to the current situation we find ourselves in and the bothersome symptoms are alleviated.

At times, it might be a dietary adjustment, maybe a shift in how we think, an examination of our relationship to our emotions, or an herbal formulation, maybe a ritual or ceremony bringing Nature back into our lives. Healing is a mystery, never knowing the outcome, but we remain open to the possibilities.

It is also true, from a healer’s perspective, that if we have made peace within ourselves, have stayed true to our values and beliefs, and lived out our life purpose, the outcome becomes less pertinent. Yes, it is the journey, and not the destination. We understand it is not a straight line out of the forest. As we live life in its most creative way for our individual selves, death becomes less of a looming dark cloud without meaning. From this philosophical perspective, a traditional perspective, we have lived a good life and have given our children the gift of how to live here on our Sacred Earth; Respect, Honor and Dignity.

We send our blessings to all of you. We hope this message finds you well and your families are in a good way!

Tune into our radio broadcasts on KPFA 94.1 FM, Berkeley CA, on the La Onda Bajita show, Fridays from 8-10pm.

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David Kukkola and Clay Schmitz