Heart“There are many things in Life that will catch your eye, but very few that capture your heart… pursue those that capture your heart.”

How many times have I settled for less? How many times have I walked past the beauty? I ask myself, “Why am I so blind?” The true question for myself is, “What is it that catches my eye, and what is that?” A healthy response is required and I must admit I have not always responded in a healthy way. For someone or something to capture my heart is enduring, a certain knowing that I am in the right place at the right time. The challenge for me is keeping my heart open. If there is a break in the connection or something feels amiss, how do I respond in a good way?

Oh, how I recoil from those old tapes that continue to play inside my quite remarkable brain and its memory. The damage I have done not only to myself but those intimately involved with me. Thankfully, today, I have adjusted to those hair trigger memories, those god awful reactions, and see them for what they are. Today, I let them pass through me, then respond at a later time in a more coherent way…thank god for age and the gifts it can give us. Keep your heart open and walk that treacherous path of vulnerability regardless the outcome. Learn to trust your intuition and ask for what you need! At whatever cost, keep your heart open!

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