My Dear Friend

My Dear Friend

MyDearFriendMy Dear Friend

May the sacred wind carry you gently to your destination and the moon reveal the ancient trail. May your deepest longing be realized and the hope you carry deep inside, lift you when the light grows dim and the sacred fire has turned to ash.

Look up, look up, my dear friend, when you hear that lone goose flying gracefully overhead! That is me, your lifelong companion! Let me fly ever so low and allow my sacred wing to wisp across your forehead, bless your spirit eye so that you can see more clearly.

Fly with me as you make that lonely climb up that holy mountain. Let me carry you softly in my wings as the ancient ones protect you. Remember, you have been given the gift of life and another day to love those that are dear to your heart.

Turn your eyes towards the sacred and you will be given the understanding of why things are the way they are. During this time, please forgive yourself for the mistakes you feel you have made. You are on the right path, the path of self-love.

There will come a time when we will join again, and fly together to our homeland.

From “The Secrets of a Bluejay”, David Kukkola


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