Loss“I have held many things in my hands, and have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.”

Oh my, the things I have tried to control, hold onto and manipulate, whatever the reason, some conscious, some unconscious. Whatever the reason, it never worked and I still suffered. I believe a part of my wanting to control situations was to avoid the anxiety or fear of not knowing. Another element was the surrendering¬†to the force of Nature’s Laws. Was I willing to give up control of the situation and sit in the emotional turmoil that would follow?

There is an organic process in all of Life, and we, as humans, believe we can alter or direct her direction. Ha! Try again and again. Failure meets failure. When I allow the circumstances before me to unfold, without my interference, to allow the natural Life Force to reveal itself, I find my path. What do I truly possess? It is not material, but more on a spiritual realm. I possess a loving heart, words of kindness and encouragement, a devotion to the betterment of humanity and respect for Mother Earth. This cannot be taken from me. I will die knowing I have lived a divine life I was born with, without any mortal sins, but a perfect holy soul. It was given to me as I arrived here on this planet Earth,¬†and with this heart felt gift, I live a fulfilled Life. I say to everyone,”Claim your holiness and live the life that was given to you. Follow the path of your heart desires!”

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