I send greetings

on these darkened

and shortened days

where the sun sets

without much notice

I send greetings

to those mysterious thoughts

and unyielding emotions

as they await

the invitation

to the party

I send greetings

to my season of doubt

not sure if there is really

a God or Godess

or life after death

I pray anyway

I send greetings

to who we claim to be

or who we want to be

to our desires, expectations


and passionate dreams

I send greetings

to those devastating

disappointments, the betrayals

lost loved ones

and lovers

the broken dreams

and forgotten promises

I send greetings

to the invisible

to the space between us

and those dervish little elves

their songs

their dance

their silly hats

and their wild and wooly ways

I send greetings



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