Change“Into every Life there comes a door; a time when we must change. You make the choice as best as you can, your Life to rearrange.”

The challenge and the opportunity for me to change my behavior and attitude towards Life have been many. I remember the many times I resisted, stubborn as a mule stuck in the mud. I remember my attitude, “How dare you try to change me!” It was as if my core was being threatened, attacked. Yet, in hindsight, it was not the external circumstance that was to blame or the enemy. It was me, uncertain and insecure, my failure to address the internal mechanisms that were triggering the ole mule I have become. Today, I forgive myself for resisting, understanding I did not have the humbleness to say Yes to the door Life was offering¬†me. Today, I surrender to Life, and welcome¬†that hidden rearrangement being offered, as I wander into the Mystery.

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